Freshman Survival 101: How to Survive Your Freshman Year

Nobody can have doubts about the fact that the freshman year of college turns out to be one of the most important and influential years in anybody‟s life. Your first year in college and away from your family can be exciting and challenging. These challenges will give you a chance of knowing who you are and what you know. College life unfolds in itself a unique phase in our journey towards a successful future. This journey presents you with fun-filled, exciting and challenging opportunities on the academic and social front. You must be prepared to face these opportunities in the right manner that will transform them into stepping stones towards success in your career!

If you feel lost in college, don‟t get frustrated. Almost everyone goes through this phase and everyone thinks that they are the only ones to go through this experience. It is not true! All of us have experienced this strange feeling one time or another. With this article on freshman year survival, you can ease your introductory phase into college life and convert them into the best and most memorable years of your life! With the assistance of some simple techniques and tips, you can handle your first year of college in a successful manner and get the most out of your college in terms of academic success and personal happiness.

These strategies will help you handle the most important chapter in your life. All your concerns and questions, worries and anxieties about your first year in college can be handled well. Your freshman year in college will turn into an enjoyable and memorable experience.

There are various issues that may disturb you in your initial days at college. You may feel extremely embarrassed about certain aspects about yourself like your socio-economic, financial and economic background, your language, looks etc. Do not get bewildered by these issues as these are only „passing clouds‟ and can be easily handled with some mental make-up. And one more thing, all these feelings are extremely natural. So do not worry and feel that you are the only one that experiences such a situation.

First and foremost, there is a secret strategy that you need to adopt to handle your freshman year. This strategy is called “The CPO Strategy”. Are you wondering what this is all about? Let me explain.

This CPO theory expects you to stay Calm, be Positive and always be Optimistic.

Stay Calm - You need to be very calm and cool in your approach. Your freshman year in college can corner you with some surprises. But, you should not let yourself lose your temper.

Be Positive - I always advise students to maintain a positive attitude about their college experience. Being positive will mentally strengthen you and empower you with amazing self-confidence that will make your freshman year more enjoyable.

Stay Optimistic - One more important thing that I want you to remember is that „Optimism is the best way of assuring success in life‟. So try to be optimistic in your approach and open in your attitude. If students enter college with an open mind, it would really help them to cope up with the surprises of the initial year in college. Being optimistic will make students happy and excited about their college and open to any kind of change. It is this open-mindedness that ultimately puts you in a proper mental shape. With an optimistic outlook towards life, you will automatically be prepared for the unprepared.

Your college can be a place that endlessly offers you surprise packages. Adjusting to all these changes may sound uncomfortable but we should remember that “the only thing that is constant is change”. Change is a necessary part of growth. Coping up with any change can be extremely difficult. But with the secret CPO strategy, you will be mentally tuned to accept these changes in the right manner and your comfort level with the college will start increasing with time.

Remember, every new experience comes with anxiety, uncertainty and grief. To cope with this new phase of life that brings with it some exciting opportunities to learn more about yourself and about life, you need to be in perfect „mental-shape‟. The CPO strategy will help you be in that shape and will prevent you from feeling lost in your college.


1. Attend orientations - This is the most important tip that I suggest to all new students going into college. Attend your orientations over the summer. This gives you the opportunity to meet your future class-mates and know more about them. Attending orientations also gives you the golden opportunity to start getting comfortable with the campus.

2. Get involved in college activities - One more way of surviving your freshman year in college is to keep yourself mentally active. The best and most healthy way of implementing this is to actively participate in your college club activities, sororities or sports teams. Apart from other advantages, this will keep you constantly engaged and will lessen the moments of your home sickness.

3. Be disciplined - Discipline in your life takes you to greater heights. So try to bring in a certain amount of discipline in your everyday activity. Get yourself into an orderly style of living your day-to-day routine (like wake up hours, preparation time everyday, extra-curricular activity on a regular basis and so on). Your main aim at this point of time is to work hard and get the best possible grades. Devote your energy and resources towards this end.

4. Get Organized - College life needs to be taken a lot more seriously than your school life. It is here that you are building a strong foundation for a successful future. Be more organized in your approach towards studying.

5. Learn to seek help - You must get to know your academic advisor in a proper manner. This person happens to be the most precious resource at your hand. With the able guidance of the academic advisor, all your issues pertaining to your course conflicts, changing course, deciding on your subject of specialization etc can be handled in an amazingly easy manner to the best of your interests. Never hesitate to go for professional help when you think you are in need of it.

You are at college as a result of your hard work at school and the efforts and prayers of your loved ones. Do not leave any stone unturned in laying your groundwork for a successful college career. Try to survive your freshman year in the best possible manner.

Have fun as well as learn as much as you can and get the most from your college life and you will be able to look back at your freshman year with a smile later in life…

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