10 Practical Tips That Students Can Immediately Apply To Graduate From College

College life is great fun; and though it does require hard work and a great sense of responsibility, at the end of tunnel there is a great life awaiting you. College life is your ticket to a better life, financially and professionally. A good thing is that you can fast-forward it a little bit, while working smart as well as working hard. Here are a few exceptional tips that will help you navigate through your college life easier and faster:

(1) Take on more classes – most colleges prescribe 12-15 classes as a “full schedule”. Why not double the classes and complete the course earlier? Start with 18-20 classes and if you find it suits you, this simple step will reduce as much as one year of your college tenure.

2) Consider taking up double degrees – many colleges allow its students to simultaneously study for two degrees (double major or a major and a minor).  This is an excellent way to get more value out of your time, effort and money you spent on college education. This means at the end of your college tenure you will have completed two degrees instead of one, which in turn would help you gain better employment and earn more as soon you step out of your student life.

3) Get more out of your day –by just adding 2-3 hours more per day, you can get so much more out of your day, week, month and year. Sleep 1-2 hours later or wake up 1-2 hours earlier and use this as bonus time to do more with your day. You could use this extra time for extra tuition, exercising, reading in the library, extra classes, and so on. Just 2-4 hours every day and you have a bonus of 12 hours extra added to your week’s routine.

4) Establish and use a routine – the secret to ‘smart working’ is learning to be organized. Set up a routine for yourself and follow it to the letter. Allot time for every ‘to-do’ that you want to complete in a day, right from morning when you wake up until night until you go to sleep. A routine would help you stay focused, organized and enable you achieve your optimum potential.

5) Concentrate when you study – give it your all 100% when you study any subject. Most students waste too much time by studying and re-studying matter they already completed. This is because they do not fully concentrate when they study. If you are totally focused when you study any subject you would not need to re-study it again later. Whatever you study, study it carefully and thoroughly so you need not revisit it in depth later again.

6) Study in the day time more than at night – many students prefer studying at night because it is quieter and they could focus better. However, studies show that studying in day time is better than if you study at night. Your brain is geared to work during day time and regenerate during the night.

7) Ensure you get enough sleep – sleep is one of the most essential pre-requisites for human brain development. You need to have enough sleep if you want to ensure that your brain functions at its optimum best. Ensure that you 6-8 hours sleep. A minimum of 6 hours sleep is necessary for an adult for proper brain function.

8) Complete the hard-to-do tasks/ subjects first – do whatever you hate or find hard to do, first. When you face your challenges and complete them successfully, you will feel better motivated to do more and better. Behind every success is this great feeling of confidence.

9) Network for mutual benefit – networking is exceptionally importance for your professional growth and success. Always make efforts to network with those people who share your passion, interests and qualifications. Networking is a great way not only to stay in touch; but also to promote yourself to the right job of professional opportunity.

10) Use extra resources – using the prescribed text books is expected and okay; however, to go that extra mile which will take you on the path to success, you will need to use extra resources, such as library, Internet, previous years’ question-answer books, and so on.

Use these tips to make your college tenure easier, smoother and faster to complete.

All the best!

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