GoEnnounce Makes Education a Team Effort

GoEnnounce Makes Education a Team Effort

Launch of crowdfunding platform for students gives parents a break

Moms and Dads, you want to give your kids every educational opportunity you can. But with paying for your daughter’s tuition, your son’s trip abroad, sorority dues, and student club fees, you’re spent!

Luckily, there’s a new way to get your kids the support they need to succeed—GoEnnounce, a place for students to share their latest school-related updates with friends and family to get support, rewards, and financial help.

“Students can’t always afford to do all of the things that make them a well-rounded student. We created GoEnnounce to give students an outlet to get financial help from their friends and family. The site even encourages random acts of kindness from visitors who want to contribute to students’ dreams.” said Meghan Davis, Co-Founder of GoEnnounce.

And another bonus, it’s free to sign up and start fundraising. Students log on and create ‘missions’ for their educational goals and dreams. Their friends and family, or ‘supporters’ can follow their progress and help when they can. Aside from fundraising, GoEnnounce can also be a place to ‘ennounce’ achievements and challenges, whether a student needs help studying for a math test, or if his baseball team won the state championship.

“Not only is GoEnnounce taking some of the financial stress off of parents allowing students to fundraise on their own, but it also provides an outlet for students to share what’s going on in school. Whether it’s an accomplishment they deserve to be proud of and receive recognition for or a struggle in school they could use a little advice with, GoEnnounce opens a students world up to their network of supporters. A kids’ education can now be a team effort,” said Melissa Davis, sister of Meghan and Co-Founder of GoEnnounce.

To get your students signed up for GoEnnounce, visit the homepage here, and for more about how GoEnnounce began and co-founders Megan and Melissa Davis, check out their blog.

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