Tip 4: Choosing The Right College

I’m sorry for the delay in posting Tip 4. I was away from my computer most of the day yesterday, due to travel. Here’s Tip 4!

Going to college can be an exciting and fun-filled experience. Unfortunately, locating the right college can be a daunting task. It is not impossible, however, to make this endeavor not only successful, but also pleasant. You only need careful planning and some forethought to help you find the right school.

Choosing the right college can be a major turning point in your life. Hence, I have come up with a game plan to help you find the right college. Before getting started, you need to assess your expectations of the educational institution and what you aim to find in such a place. This will help you locate the best educational match.

Your requirements in finding the right college can be classified in the following categories:

Academic requirements- With respect to academic requirements, you should focus on the major aspect of your study program – your subject of specialization. Does the program the college offers perfectly align with your passion, interest and career goals? What are academic requirements of the program your interested in?

Basic requirements-The first basic requirement that you must remember when searching for the right college is the location of the college. You must decide if you would study in-state or out-of-state. If opting for the latter, you should decide if the city to which you would move is a good fit for you. If you choose to attend college online, it’s important to determine if the program is 100% online or a hybrid program. If hybrid (both online and on campus) you need to plan to commute from your home to the campus at least once a week. If the program is 100% online, you can pretty much live anywhere you choose.

Non-academic requirements- When it comes to non-academic requirements, we primarily have to look at the extra-curricular activities that the college allows its students to participate in. Are there clubs, group or associations that you can participate in that is apart of your program? This is an excellent way to network with other likeminded individuals and market your skills to potential employers.

If you decide to stay on campus, a thorough study of the housing and dormitory facilities that the college has to offer should be done in order to enable you to start your college life with greater ease and comfort.

Financial requirements- If you find more than one college that matches your needs as far as the subject of your choice is concerned, then you need to find out about their fee structure. The prices of various courses offered by colleges pose great challenges to aspiring students who might not be able to afford such a fee structure.

As you make an assessment of the full financial impact of your college program, make sure you include expenses outside of tuition and fees, such as books, extra payments for dormitory, and food facilities. Always allot for medical expenses and travel that might crop up without prior notice and take you by surprise.

The secret to finding the right college is to focus on two important tasks – the first is identifying your priorities; the second is conducting extensive research of the various colleges that would meet your needs. Combining the results of these primary concerns will lead you to the best college for you – one that is ideal for your academic and extra-curricular needs.

I hope this information was helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Tomorrow I will be sharing Tip 5! :-)

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