The Big Secret and Questions About Kids and Money

Teaching kids early about great money habits isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. It just needs to be done consciously with consistency to be effective.

Research demonstrates, teaching kids early about great money habits is VITAL to their future. Did you know a University of Cambridge study revealed adult money habits are formed prior to age 7?

Here’s a BIG SECRET about kids and money. Whether we choose to consciously teach kids about money early, as the character I co invented Sammy Rabbit, Warren Buffet, and others recommend, KIDS ARE ALWAYS LEARNING ABOUT MONEY. It’s unavoidable!

The question is not whether kids should learn about money early. The BIG QUESTIONS are: (1) What do you want kids to learn about money early? and (2) What money habits do you want kids practicing and inculcating into their financial psychology that they’ll carry with them subconsciously the rest of their lives, like the GIMMES?

One money habit I strongly recommend parents and teachers encourage children to establish is saving money. It does not matter whether it is a penny, nickel, dime or dollar a week. Concentrate on establishing the habit. Habits are powerful. The outcomes of habits are predictable and their benefits don’t discriminate. Saving money has lots of payoffs that go beyond the accumulation of cash, like discipline and learning to delay gratification. So get started right away. Begin teaching kids great money habits today. Naturally, I encourage you to take a look at the products and programs my organization, It’s a Habit, offer. We have a 12 year record in early age and family financial literacy. I think you will find our tools purposeful, powerful and easy to use. I believe you and your children/students will especially like our new Dream Big Set Goals Music Video and Journal Program. It’s FREE of charge. You can access resources and discover more about the program in the Dream Big Center at

As Tanya Knight the “Education Coach” shares ”Education isn’t about grades, it’s about a desire to become someone better than you are.” That makes sense and resonates with me. It is exactly what Team Sammy wants for kids – for them to become better and have the opportunity to have the best future possible. Great habits, particularly great money habits, give all kids that opportunity.

About Sam X Renick
Sam X Renick is an award winning author, financial educator, and social entrepreneur. Sam founded the social enterprise “It’s a Habit!” and co-created children’s character, Sammy Rabbit, to help parents and teachers share lessons with children on great money, reading, and writing habits through song and story. Team Sammy, as they are also known, is in the process of launching the world’s first, music driven, “early age” financial education program. The online program is FREE of charge. You can access resources and discover more in the Dream Big Center at


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