List of Canadian Scholarships

14337307_sIf you’re looking for the top Canadian scholarships that are now available to college students, there are several lucrative awards out there to apply for. Tuition is pricey these days and one of the best ways to help cover the costs associated with going to school is through the use of these gifts that don’t require repayment.

Keep in mind that the scholarships listed here are some of the most prestigious in Canada and that competition for them can be fierce. But there are usually lesser known awards available at individual schools as well and the average student’s odds of winning them will be much better. The best way to find these little gems will be to contact your prospective schools and ask.

1.) TD Scholarships for Community Leadership. The TD Scholarships for Community Leadership is a very rare scholarship indeed. Rather than being based on your academic achievement, they are focused almost entirely on your leadership skills and commitment to your community. Students receive $10,000 for tuition each year with an additional $7,500 for living expenses. They are also offered a paid summer internship and given the opportunity to network and engage with a mentor. The application is due in December and it requires a 600-word essay explaining how you’ve demonstrated community leadership. They also want a letter of recommendation from your school and two letters of endorsement from community groups as well as your academic transcripts. There are also two optional essays that can be completed if you really want to impress the judges.

2.) The Loran Award. The Loran Award also places an emphasis on community leadership and character. This scholarship is based primarily on a series of interviews once you’ve established yourself through your written application. Thirty students receive prizes of $80,000 with the Loran, so you can imagine how tough the competition is for this one. Applications are due in October and you can either be nominated by your school or nominate yourself through what’s called a “direct pool” and the application process will be different depending on how you are entered.

3.) The Schulich Leader Scholarship. The Schulich Leader Scholarship is fairly new to the field, but it’s already making a name for itself as one of the most coveted awards in the country. It gives 40 students gifts of $60,000 each, but it does have some stiff requirements. Students must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who have been nominated by their high school and who have an interest in science, mathematics, technology or engineering. They must also meet two of the following three criteria: 1) Outstanding leadership within the community, a business or entrepreneurship, 2) An excellent academic record, 3) A strong financial need. Applications for this award must be submitted by early February.

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