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Success/Achievement Fear/Failure
Education/Parents/Students Determination/Persistent
Life Obstacles/Challenges
Faith/Spiritual Change/Being You


The success you achieve in life is not measure solely on your accomplishments but the challenges you overcame to succeed those accomplishments--Tanya Knight



YOU canít live your LIFE in FEAR or HATE because when you do that simply puts you on HOLD! Donít allow the current EVENTS in your LIFE to take over and control your ability to MOVE FORWARD! Release, FORGIVE, LET GO and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!--Tanya Knight

Is your FEAR of making a MISTAKE preventing you from MOVING FORWARD in your LIFE? If so, remember, that we ONLY can LEARN and GROW through our LIFE experiences and MISTAKES! So, go out THERE and MESS UP, but the KEY thing is to make sure you APPLY those learning experiences to your LIFE! The bigger your MESS, the bigger your SUCCESS will be-Guaranteed!--Tanya Knight



As PARENTS and EDUCATORS, we need to be more concerned about our kids dropping out of High School and College! For every CHILD that we lose thatís an EDUCATIONAL dream that goes unfulfilled! And for every unfulfilled DREAM, there is a long-term impact and effect! Let work together to ensure that EVERY Childs dream is fulfilled, by encouraging them to achieve their goals and aspirations in life!--Tanya Knight

Parents, the THREE best gifts you could ever give your child or children in life is, (1) TIME, (2) MOTIVATION and (3) SUPPORT! Itís all about providing them with the encouragement they need to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations in LIFE!--Tanya Knight



Things wonít always WORK out the way you planned it, however you can always GAIN from both a positive and negative experience! If itís meant to be it will HAPPEN! EVERYTHING does happen for a reason! Itís up to you to get up and dust yourself off and keep MOVING FORWARD!!--Tanya Knight

Donít give up NOW! Hold On! Continue to stay STRONG!! You are definitely next in line to receive your BLESSINGS! However you got to forgive yourself for your past mistakes and faults in order to receive your blessing and to keep moving forward!--Tanya Knight

Remember in life, people will always try to tell you what they think is best for you, but only you and god will ever know what is best for your life! Don't allow others to control the direction of your life! At times it may be hard, but you must develop the strength and courage to make your own sound decisions! Keep moving forward in your own path!--Tanya Knight



Remember: YOU can always rewrite the script for your LIFE! EVERY DAY presents a new opportunity for YOU to start over again! Make the decision TODAY to start over so that you can MOVE forward!--Tanya Knight

Don't wait for others to create a path for you in life, in order for you to move forward and progress! Instead, spend that same time and energy creating your own path!--Tanya Knight (NEVER GIVE UP!!)

Go ahead and take that leap of faith by making that big decision, NOW! If it's going to allow you to move forward in your life than itís ok to follow through, by trusting your own instincts--Tanya Knight



Today is the day to LET GO and RELEASE all the things that are causing you PAIN in your life and avoiding you from MOVING FORWARD! Itís time to RISE above anything that is bringing you DOWN! You CAN and WILL make a difference in your LIFE-only if you choose!--Tanya Knight

Do you see the connection behind your life? EVERY challenge, obstacle or set back you have experienced thus far has molded you into the person youíre today! Keep SHAPING your LIFE, so that you can continue to fulfill YOUR lifeís PURPOSE! Your life purpose only requires that you be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL!--Tanya Knight

Every obstacle, setback and challenge in your LIFE is always a blessing in disguise! The blessings in disguise are what made you who you are today! Acknowledge your blessings and keep moving forward!--Tanya Knight

No MATTER how BAD it gets, stay TRUE to WHO YOU are and everything will WORK itself out!--Tanya Knight

Remember, just continue to believe! All your pain, headaches and sufferings will soon begin to pay off! You just got to believe and continue to have faith in your abilities--Tanya Knight

No matter how hard it gets, just keep moving forward!--Tanya Knight



You can do it NOW! Itís time to STEP out in FAITH! Everyone has a VOICE & PURPOSE in life, including YOU! Use your voice to change your life and the world around YOU! NOW is the time for you to become the person you were MEANT to be in life, not LATER!--Tanya Knight

You may not necessarily believe that it is possible or it can happen NOW due to your current circumstances or situation, however if you KEEP MOVING FORWARD in your life with FAITH and COURAGE-YOU will see that YOU will end up surprising YOURSELF and THOSE around YOU!-Tanya Knight

If you Keep moving forward in life with GOD, you can and will reach your destination in life!--Tanya Knight

When we walk in our journey of life with GOD, he will than uncover the many things we seek and desire along the way. Walk in confidence and have faith that things can change for the better!--Tanya Knight

Don't stress or worry anymore over challenges or obstacles you face in your life! GOD will always continue to work out those issues you face in your life daily! Have faith and keep moving forward!-Tanya Knight

I'm very grateful that GOD continues to work on and through me daily because I know the end result will be worth it!--Tanya Knight

When things donít go as planned donít FEAR, it simply means that GOD has a much BIGGER plan in store for you! You may not see how that may be possible, but soon GOD will reveal those steps needed to accomplish HIS plan & PURPOSE for your LIFE! Pay very close attention to the DAILY events in your life, they do reveal the steps for Godsí purpose for your life!--Tanya Knight

NOW is the time to place ALL your faith in God! With his presence, you will find the courage you need to face and overcome the challenges & obstacles that is placed in your life. It is Godís invisible presence in our life that will keep us on the path that he has set out for us! Keep walking in your path knowing that God truly does have a divine purpose and plan for your life! Remember, he will make you stronger and more resilient each day throughout this journey!--Tanya Knight


Change/Being You

Remember: Continue to be YOUR Authentic Self. No one can be a better YOU--Tanya Knight


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