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Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! Don't allow them to fail. (Recruitment)
Children soak up most information during the formative years of 1-5. We must program them early on, regardless of race, to believe that college is a requirement. Teach them properly about the coursework and college expectations during their middle-school years to prepare for high school. By the time college comes around, they will be ready to succeed it is all up to them and they know they can do it! Tanya Knight International promotes early teaching for quicker success.
Why do so many students drop out of college in the first year? (Retention)
Lack of education no pun intended. We must educate them for education, teach them what to expect, how to behave and who to turn to before they get to college! No friends? Do they have too many of the wrong friends? Fear of the unknown? All these elements contribute toward student isolation, hence, students that can't be retained - prompting drop-out rates that can't be contained. Tanya Knight International leads America in early preparation of students.
Connecting with students and getting them to take ownership to belong. (Recruitment/Retention/Graduation)
The technological information highway may be interfering with our relationships and with our opportunity to reach students that could turn out to be great successes. Students often see themselves as numbers when receiving an email addressed to: "all", with no personal salutation. This only serves to further distance them from representatives in a position of authority. Returning to personal conversation, answering questions, showing care - those are the ways to succeed in recruitment and ensuring graduation through "being in touch." Tanya Knight International teaches the correlation between personal relationships and student retention and graduation.
College degree? Are you kidding me? You can get through college even if you . . .
  • Have no money different types of financial aid are available to most everyone
  • Are upper crust dont depend on your parents' good graces to get you through it
  • Are a minority no matter your background, all students are capable of learning
  • Think you can't? Yes, you can! What will you do about it?
Tanya Knight International addresses these issues in inspirational speeches or one-on-one conversations that motivate one to act!
Recession? But this is college, not work!
Workshops to help students "participate" in their future.

How many students dont consider them as part of a working culture because their parents are paying for college? They think they are there to have fun. But they have not thought about their future, and it catches up with them. College is a full-time job. It demands regular attendance, doing the coursework, and finishing with good grades. When a prospective employer inquires about your grades and commitment you will be pleased you achieved that milestone. Tanya Knight International motivates students to overcome this type of thinking.
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