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Oh, but children were made to be heard. We can no longer afford to ignore them. We need to walk them through the education maze so that each and every student can and will go to college.
College administrators: talk to your students! Hear what they have to say about why they are dropping out. Create an open environment where they can talk with peers or someone they trust, and someone who will offer options that address their specific situation.
It is the unspoken American lie that one can only go to college if they have the money. These people have obviously never heard of Spell Grants, which you don't have to pay back as long as you do well in school; or other financial aid which can get you through those years until you graduate. There are all kinds of resources. Check them out!
Conversation is amazing. Parents talk to your student find out what motivates him. What's the reward for Johnnie to get to college? Find out what interests him personally and he will do it with all his might. Does he like computers, art, or writing? He may be the next computer nerd about to make a million, or the next great actor or novelist!
Every college wants to show a big number of admissions, but do those numbers reflect diversity in population? If everyone is the same they learn very little from each other. Do you have an "outreach" program in place specifically targeting special populations? This includes disabled as well as minority students.

What can students expect to learn from Tanya Knight International that they have not heard before? How is your service different?
Tanya Knight International evaluates the students' abilities, strengths and weaknesses and, with parental involvement (when applicable), TKI directs them in the process of applying to colleges that are suitable to them. Not every college is for every student. Success is found in achieving the goals that are right for that person at that time in their life. And life is ever-changing.
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