The Education Excellence Tele-Course Program

Is information about getting into college confusing? Are you trying to get the motivation to go back to college? Do you have questions about college that you're not getting answered?

Take the guesswork out of applying to college, and get all of your questions answered for FREE! I offer FREE weekly Tele-Courses on a variety of subjects. I have over 10 years of experience working with college administrators, students, and parents, so whatever your needs are, I understand them and can help.

I've created an exclusive program that will answer all of your questions, and will also inspire, motivate, and guide you!

Stop guessing and get your questions answered!

This Tele-Course is perfect for the first time student, the adult learner, or the parent of a student! I'll talk you through the entire process, and cover all the bases for you! YOU can go to college ' all you need are these essential tools.

You'll learn about:
Where to Begin

How to maximize your chances for admission

How to go BACK to college

What to do once you get accepted

Financial Aid and FREE MONEY

How to get free money from your employer
Let me help you to achieve your educational dreams! Remember, we all have a purpose in life and its up to you to determine what that purpose is, through education.
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