The Recruitment Mastery Tele-Course Program

The first step to improving your student retention is to understand how retention fits into your overall enrollment. Retention is only one aspect of enrollment, and improving retention is but one part of enrollment management. Enrollment begins when you first attract the student, and continues to when they finally walk out of your doors and on to the next stage in their lives.

Tanya has put together this exclusive program to help you improve your student enrollment and retention yearly quota. Through this program you will be provided with support, guidance and the motivation you need to achieve great success.

Stop guessing and get your questions answered!

Falling retention rates and enrollment rates are serious problems, yet understanding how to fix those problems isn't always easily. Luckily, I'm here to guide you! With this valuable information, your college can increase its student enrollment and retention and flourish like it should!

Here are just a few questions you'll get answered:
Enrolling quality students so they stick

How to leverage Fortune 500 companies to attract more students

Principals of Student Marketing

12 secrets to enrolling more students in less time!

How to instantly boost student referrals

Increasing diversity on campus
Let Tanya help you achieve your student enrollment and retention goals by creating a customized solution that is tailor to your schools needs. Remember: Your school has true potential to succeed; you just have to be committed in order to make the necessary improvements. Never give up!

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