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High School, College and University Programs:
Recruit. Recognize. Retain
Build it and they will come
Increase Enrollments in Less Time
Save more marketing dollars and time
Promoting Diversity in Your College
Expand the diversity on your campus
Who Say's You Can't Go To College
Find out the best way to fulfill your educational dreams
Effective Interviewing
Develop the essential tools you need to land your dream job
Resume Building
Build it right and the interviews will come

Corporate and Non-Profit Organization Programs:

Develop Your "E" Game
Topic: Education for a Competitive Edge
Corporate Education!
Topic: Employee Productivity & Retention
Who Say's You Can't Go Back To College
Topic: Education Opportunities & Time Management
Make The Most of Your Time
The keys to mastering your time and your life
Presentation Formats
Presentations Tailored to Your Needs!
Tanya offers three presentation formats for each of her programs. This allows you to select the presentation format that best suits your needs whether you are holding a conference, convention or just a special gathering at your college or university. With each format, you will learn the basics of each program offered by Tanya, but you will be able to tailor and provide more in-depth discussion with a longer presentation format. Available presentation formats include:
The Keynote
This presentation is ideal for a college that is looking to hold a small event or to start or end a larger event. The keynote presentation is a brief presentation that is perfect for setting an environment that will get college administrators interested and excited about improving their college or university's student retention, enrollment or diversity. The keynote can be as brief as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours.
The Workshop
Tanya's workshop presentations are a 4 to 6 hour presentations that provide in-depth coverage of each of her programs. These workshops incorporate activities, group experiences, rather than hours of simple lecture. These workshops are ideal for groups that involve administrators who work together on a regular basis and are comfortable interacting with each other. These workshops also include learning tools and handouts. Allow 4-6 hours.
The 2 or 3 Day Training Session
This is an ideal course for groups where you want to provide the most in-depth coverage of the material possible. This session includes learning tools and workbooks that will provide college administrators with all of the information they need to improve their college or university's enrollment, retention or diversity. Allow 12 to 18 hours of classroom hours for a 2 or 3 day training course.
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