Increasing Enrollments in Less Time! ™
Save more marketing dollars and time

Are you looking for creative ways to increase your enrollments?
Do you need help generating student interest in your college or university?
Are your old enrollment techniques failing on you?

College and university enrollments are low. It takes more time to generate student interest and leads.

Learn how to enhance lead generation, convert those interested students into enrolled students and how to get students involved in the process to attract new students and retain existing students.

Tanya's program significantly enhances lead generation, conversion and yield performance by effectively helping college administrators locate, target and communicate with prospective students.

Tanya's program strategically constructs marketing activities and recruitment solutions so that colleges are able to easily integrate these strategies into their current enrollment and marketing initiatives.

Tanya will help your college:
  • How to strengthen your community involvement
  • Gain support from alumni
  • Build partnerships with organizations and corporations
  • Enroll and Grow Rich- Enrolling quality students so that they stick!
  • Increasing diversity on your campus, in less time!
  • 12 Secrets to enrolling more students in less time!
  • How to use Fortune 500 companies to attract more students
  • Principles of Student Marketing- How to use what you know to make prospective students come looking for your college or university
  • How to be a “student referral rainmaker”! Learn simple strategies you can use immediately to double, triple and quadruple your student referral rate
  • How to host college information meeting that brings in double digit enrollments
  • How to create special promotion programs that attracts more students to your campus
  • If you offer online programs-find out how you can use your alumni’s across the country to help raise money and recruit more students
Tanya's program helps college and university leaders achieve their goals in recruitment and retention and she provide customized solutions tailored to the needs of the college. This program shows colleges how they can take what strategies they've been using and improve them with unique strategies and marketing concepts.

For details on how Tanya can customize her content for your needs,
please call 1-866-799-5978 or Submit your request online

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