Promoting Diversity in Your College
Expand the diversity on your campus

Is a lack of diversity on your campus holding your college back?

Does your student base not represent the various groups within the community?
Do you need to increase diversity on your campus?

The college or university’s student base does not represent the various groups in the college’s community, whether it is low income students or a specific racial group.

Learn how to assess your community’s various groups and determine which groups are underrepresented in your college or university. Utilize tools and strategies to recruit individuals from those underrepresented groups.

Tanya assists colleges and universities in promoting student success through diversity. Tanya has the vision, ideas, experience and commitment to assist college administrators in exceeding their maximum potential in recruiting a diverse student base.

Tanya offers tools and strategies to assist colleges in taking their “diversity pulse” and assesses how they can use the selection and evaluation process of enrollees to improve the school’s diversity.

Tanya also provides colleges and universities with information on how to determine:
  • Which cultural groups are underrepresented in their schools
  • How to market to those groups in your community
  • How to create cultural awareness on campus
  • Develop programs to attract various groups of students to your campus
  • How to target those fortune 500 companies that support diversity in the workplace
  • Building awareness within the minority based organizations
  • How to develop minority based programs on campus and online that attracts the minority students
  • How increase retention and enrollment by improving the diversity on your campus
Whether it is low income students, first students in their family to go to college or a specific racial group, to encourage increased enrollments, Tanya can show college administrators how to achieve a diverse campus with innovative solutions.

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